Fully equipped cottages for rent in Lanaudière

À Abri du Loup offers you to stay in comfortable cabins, in the heart of the Lanaudière region. You will find the cottage you need for a dream stay in complete privacy. Ideal for getting away as a couple, taking a family vacation, or discovering some of the most beautiful landscapes in Quebec.

Our little secret corners, jealously maintained on our beautiful territory, will make you feel at home, safe from the wolf! There is something for everyone: for water, mountain, and forest lovers, or simply for those who like to get away from it all during their stay.

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Loft 107
Enjoy the stylish atmosphere of this loft in the center of it all. You will be delighted with this little…
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Capacity of 8 people maximum. Located in the charming municipality of St-Alphonse-Rodriguez in the heart of the village! Ancestral house…

Private cabins for rent in the heart of nature

A l’Abri du Loup rents private cottages in the heart of nature. You will stay in modern and carefully maintained cottages, which give privileged access to the green spaces of Lanaudière. As a couple, group or family, treat yourself to a moment of escape, breathtaking landscapes, and year-round outdoor activities!
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Loft 107
Enjoy the stylish atmosphere of this loft in the center of it all. You will be delighted with this little…

Cottages fitted out for your comfort

Meticulously maintained, our cottages are fully equipped to ensure that you have a comfortable and memorable stay.
  • Bathroom
  • Washing room
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Foyer
  • Independent bedrooms and bedding
  • Location for bonfires in season
  • Internet access
No matter what brings you to the area, you will find the perfect cottage for spending a stay as comfortable as at a hotel, with much more privacy and an unparalleled view of the Lanaudière flora. For direct access to nature and the comfort of a high-end home!

Cottages for rent by the water

Would you like to enjoy a body of water during your stay in Lanaudière? Some of our cottages offer access to private beaches for your outdoor activities. Equipment and accessories are available on-site to ensure your safety and to entertain you with family or friends.

Cottages for rent in the villages of the region

Discovering Lanaudière also means soaking up the vitality and unique personality of the villages in the region. If you are looking for a comfortable place, close to services and a few steps from local activities, you will find the perfect cottage at A l'Abri du Loup!
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Capacity of 8 people maximum. Located in the charming municipality of St-Alphonse-Rodriguez in the heart of the village! Ancestral house…

Cottages for the whole family

Our cabins can accommodate the whole family and accommodate groups of up to 14 people. They are perfect for tourists, vacationers, and work groups looking for a peaceful place to recharge their batteries in the heart of Quebec's nature.

Cottages for rent by the day or the weekend

We have cabins available for rent by the day or for a weekend. Whether you are passing through the region or want to get away from the hassle of your daily life for a weekend, you will find the cottage you are looking for at Abri du Loup!

Cottages for rent by the week

Would you like to rent a cottage to spend a full week in the region? Our cottages offer you all the comfort you are looking for! Each cottage offers a unique experience: in the heart of nature, in the heart of tourist life in the villages of the region, near waterways or forest trails, etc. Many cabins are also equipped with a spa, a fireplace, a terrace, and a host of other little luxuries.

What to do during your stay in Lanaudière?

Activities for outdoor enthusiasts

Lanaudière offers immense green spaces and enchanting landscapes. Activities, organized or not, are offered to travelers who wish to enjoy the great outdoors. Explore the groomed hiking trails, cycle on the region's many bike paths, escape to one of the local lakes or rivers and discover a host of outdoor activities.

Summer or winter, you will find stimulating outdoor activities during your stay!

Hiking and excursion

(spring to fall)



Outdoor fire

Local festivals

Kayaking and fishing

And more

Featured image for “Loft 107”
Loft 107
Enjoy the stylish atmosphere of this loft in the center of it all. You will be delighted with this little…
Featured image for “L’Épervier”
Capacity of 8 people maximum. Located in the charming municipality of St-Alphonse-Rodriguez in the heart of the village! Ancestral house…

Activities and events for the whole family

The Lanaudière region is rich in cultural activities and events. Throughout the year, you can visit the region's museums, admire historic buildings and sites, participate in events, attend performances, meet local artisans, and learn about Aboriginal tourism.

There's something for the whole family! Whether you are visiting the region with the children or with friends, Lanaudière offers the perfect activities to transform your stay into unforgettable memories.

Discover activities to do

Stays at the rhythm of the region

Each season is unique in Lanaudière. Breathtaking fall landscapes, snowshoeing on groomed trails in winter, outdoor festivals and shows in summer, art galleries year-round...

No matter the time of your stay, our cottages will allow you to vibrate to the rhythm of Lanaudière.

Little luxuries for you during your stay

It's not just nature to discover in Lanaudière! Would you like to relax at the cottage? Book massage therapy services offered by a local professional! Are you rather looking to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere for your arrival at the cottage? Our team will make sure you are received in a big way!

Contact our team at the time of booking to find out more.

Homemade meals to taste the local flavors

Treat yourself to the pleasure of eating well without having to worry about groceries and preparation! On request at the time of booking, A l’Abri du Loup delivers some provisions cooked with love, such as frozen meals in anticipation of your stay or homemade meals ready to serve upon your arrival.

Examples of meal ideas:

  • Wine or port, cheeses, and grapes with baguette or rusks
  • Charcuterie platter (chorizo, pepperoni, or other of your choice)
  • Soup or cream
  • Various salads
  • Platter of sandwiches and raw vegetables
  • Pot-au-feu / pâté / lasagne / mijoté
  • Desserts (banana bread, pudding chomeur…)

Why choose A l’Abri du Loup to rent your cottage?

Discover the most beautiful landscapes of Quebec

The unique charm of Lanaudière is worth the detour. With its immense green spaces to explore and its abundant cultural life, this region has a picturesque charm where time seems to have stopped to savor the moment.

A l’Abri du Loup makes every effort to ensure that you have a memorable experience. In addition to providing you with a clean, cozy living space equipped with all the necessary accessories during your stay, our warm, courteous and available team is there to help you make the most of what the region has to offer. to offer.

Stay comfortably surrounded by nature

Our cabins for rent in Lanaudière combine the comfort of modern facilities (kitchen, spa, bathroom, etc.) with direct access to nature, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can drop your suitcases there for a few days, away from the hassle of the city, with everything you need to relax and regain your energy!

As a family, as a couple, or in a group, our cabins are perfect for spending holidays with peace of mind while filling up on fresh air!

Taste local flavors

Why not take advantage of your stay to discover local products? Lanaudière is full of passionate producers and artisans who put their hearts into making and preparing tasty ingredients and dishes.

Even better, our cottages are equipped with stoves, refrigerators, and everything you need to prepare gourmet meals that will wow your guests.

Spend an unforgettable vacation with the children

For you, holidays with children in a hotel room do not rhyme with rest? Nothing better than the great outdoors, the vast grounds, and the countless activities offered near the Abri du Loup rental cabins to keep the children busy until bedtime during your stay.

And in case of rain, no worries: our cottages allow you to access the Internet and several indoor activities are also available throughout the year in the region to entertain the whole family.

Escape as a couple

Are you planning a romantic vacation? A l’Abri du Loup offers you the perfect package to get away from it all! Our team will prepare a host of little touches before you arrive at the cottage so that you can have a magical time.
Learn more about the Lovers Package

Benefit from the care of a family business

Renting a cottage with A l’Abri du Loup means offering you the services of a team that is committed to making your vacation in Lanaudière unforgettable. Would you like to personalize your stay in one of our rental cabins? Planning your family or group activities? Make sure you don't miss anything during your stay.

We will make every effort to ensure that you spend quality time with us.

Learn more about Abri du Loup

This place was so much better than I had possibly imagined. It felt like home. Sophie is very friendly and communicative. I absolutely want to come here again some day, I had the best vacation I've ever had here. I can't recommend this place more.

– Elijah, Airbnb, 2022

A l'Abri du Loup takes care of the housekeeping of our cottage. Rentals after rentals, their team does the job with professionalism and detail. Their services are varied. We can trust them.

Colonel Mustard’s team, Facebook

Sophie and Yves are very professional and friendly people. Always available and listening to customers. You can trust them completely. Nothing to say and it's top notch!!

Olivier, Facebook

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